injection moulding

ICM is one of the UK's most experienced companies producing precision injection mouldings for complex components especially for the automotive, industrial, commercial and other high-demand sectors...

how to find us

ICM continue to develop their manufacturing site within the Grove Road Industrial area of Hitchin…

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Contacting ICM is so quick and easy, and you can be sure
of a fast response from our sales and admin team, we look
forward to hearing from you…

specialising in
automotive components

ICM has a proven record of exceptional quality and on-time delivery to the automotive industry. This ethic reflects our status as a ‘green light’ supplier to many top manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover,
BMW Mini, GM, Peugeot Citroen, Nissan and Renault…

quality assurance
& environmental policy

At ICM we apply robust controls to all areas of our production
processes together with a commitment to being a low carbon manufacturer...

exceptional quality often
acheiving zero parts
per million rejects!

At ICM we exceed the technical and commercial requirements of our customers...

innovative mould designs

A winning combination of 2D and 3D CAD designs, excellent engineering standards, over 20 years experience and the latest moulding technology…

precision mould tooling

Precision, optimised mould designs manufactured in aluminium, toughened tool steel or fully hardened tool steel to get the best
longevity from our clients investment…

injection moulding materials

ICM have a superior knowledge of thermoplastic resins, materials and modified compounds to manufacture superior quality moulded components…

gas assisted
injection moulding

This process greatly improves the quality of the moulded
component. Enhances surface finish, minimises warping,
reduces raw material cost, part weight and cycle time…

increased plant capacity!

ICM’s latest plant list is now geared to greater output,
more choice of component sizes and outstanding
production flexibility…

  • product design
  • tool manufacture
  • injection moulding
  • customer solutions
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Established for over 20 years, ICM is a privately owned manufacturing company specialising in the production of high quality injection plastic moulded parts for major companies in the UK, throughout Europe and Worldwide.

ICM offer a comprehensive range of injection moulding services including innovative mould designs, precision mould tooling, gas-assisted injection moulding, an impressive plant list and a superior knowledge of thermoplastic materials.

Investment longevity
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Achieving the best longevity from your investment...

materials knowledge
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Superior knowledge of materials and compounds...

zero rejects
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Reject rates regularly at zero parts per million...

Land oOver supplier
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Land Rover components
roll-out at ICM...