gas assisted
injection moulding

This process greatly improves the quality of the moulded
component. Enhances surface finish, minimises warping,
reduces raw material cost, part weight and cycle time…

Differing wall thicknesses are moulded within a single part without defect, ideal for multi-cavity complex moulded components.

  • Greatly improves quality
  • Enhances surface finish
  • Eliminates component internal stress
  • Improved dimensional stability with no distortion

Efficient transmission of gas pressure throughout the moulding creates thick and thin channels and sections to achieve a complex multi-cavity component without defect.

gas assisted precise mouldings

Cost reduction benefits for fast, efficient injection moulding!

Hollow core gas injection can save up to 30% on material costs and generate faster moulding with machine cycle times reduced for increased output.

sample components

Complex components roll-out at ICM!

Just some of the many gas assisted injection moulded components being produced at ICM.

gas assisted precise mouldings

Precise moulding of complex components!

The nitrogen low pressure process creates channels within the component resulting in precise moulding of components.

gas assisted quality mouldings

Improving quality and surface finish!

Complex designs with differing wall thicknesses are moulded as a single part without defect. Nitrogen gas injection moulding eliminates warpage, sink marks and internal stress.