precision mould tooling

Precision, optimised mould designs manufactured in aluminium, toughened tool steel or fully hardened tool steel to get the best
longevity from our clients investment…

At ICM we manufacture your moulding tooling exactly the way you want it using precision manufacturing and engineering standards.

  • Design and build high-performance mould tools to the highest specifications
  • Highest levels of precision quality
  • Wide choice of advanced aluminium alloy and toughened or hardened steel
  • Sampled and tested for accuracy and performance

Most of our mould tooling is produced to handle extremely large quantities and our custom engineering ensures super-fine tolerances in the development of tooling.

Manufacturing tooling for a wide variety of moulding processes

Core puller, multi-cavity, hot runner, overmould, insert, single impression and threaded are just some of the precision moulds we produce.

Achieving the best longevity from your investment

With precision moulding tools an expensive investment, ICM are here to ensure outstanding performance and longevity especially with moulds that output exceptionaly high volumes.

Custom tooling

ICM manufactures customized moulds to the most exacting standards

Mould tool 1

Sampled and tested

Fully optimised designs are sampled and tested to provide outstanding performance

Mould tool 2

Stringent quality controls

Backed by our commitment to the ISO

Mould tool 3

Fast cycling

Improving mould tooling efficiency to increase production output whilst retaining exceptional quality.

Mould tool 4